The Frequency of the Platonic Year of the Earth

Tone:             172.06 Hz = F
                       a1 = 433.6 Hz / 440 Hz - 25.2 cent)
MP3                  Sample
Tempo:          80.6 bpm
Color:            red-violet
Chakra:         Sahasrar - crown chakra
Effect:            supports cheerfulness and clarity of spirit, supports cosmic unity on highest levels (medicinial: antidepressive)



This tone is the 48th octave of the precession of the earth's axis, whis is a gyroscopic motion. This causes the journeying of the vernal equinox, that indicates the passing of ages. At this time the vernal equinox enters into the sign of Aquarius, that's why it is said the age of Aquarius begins. The tone is F with 172.06 Hz and the corresponding colour is purple with a wavelength of about 400 Nanometer.

F is the tone of the spirit. In ancient China it was the fundamental tone. The way the Chinese emphasized the spirit is certainly directly connected with the choice of F as fundamental tone with wich they attached great importance. In no other country was the meaning of music so important for spiritual life as in ancient China.

The following short passage from Li Gi, the Book of Customs may serve as an illustration: "Thus one must examine the sounds to understand the tones, one must examine the tones to understand the music, one must examine the music to understand the laws. In this way, the path to order is made perfect... He who understands music will thus penetrate the secrets of the customs. He who has experienced both customs and music possesses life. Life is experience."

The tone F belongs to the crown chakra, the central point at the top of the head. This chakra is the highest point or the upper end of kundalini. According to Hinduistic an Tibetan tradition this is the point of cosmic unity with god, center of divine inspiration and supramental intuition. Holding a tuning fork with 172.06 Hz to this point will activate the crown. This point also belongs to the Du-Mai-meridian.

Meditation music that ist attuned to this tone can be very effective for spiritual path and leads away from physical and psychic regions into the spheres of spirit. The corresponding colour, as it said before, is purple. It is characteristic, that this colour is used in many cult ceremonies to advance cheerfulness and clarity of spirit. The colour and the tone complement each other extremly well and are recommended for all rituals whose aim is to open the crown chakra and raise consciousness to the realms of spirit. The frequency of the platonic year is the gate to spiritual heaven and the connecting link to the Tao in its most pure form.


The Cosmic Octave Tuning Forks
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